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    Qlikview 12.2 SR3 installation in Windows 2016

    Pradeep Kumar Pandey

      Hi All


      I have installed Qlikview 12.2 SR3 in windows 2016 server and restarted the server. I am getting the following errors :


      1) All the services are running but in QMC it is showing the following Qliqview server as Unlicensed.

      2) While trying to update license, after clicking on the server "Failed to retrieve CAL Configuration From Qlikview Server"

      3) After updating the License (LEF) again a message is showing like "Failed to retrieve settings from Qlikview Server".

      4) In assigned cals a blank row is showing and not allowing to delete.

      5) While trying to add user in an error message is showing "Entlicenses.Properties... Not Found".


      Please help. This is very urgent