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    Problem with calculated Dimension - combined Filtering ??

    Jörg Wünstel

      Dear all,


      i have a Problem with some calculated dimension.


      I use follwing fomula to set up three special dimension which should be used at a table analysis.


      Sum open  Orders by Item



      Sum open Purchase Orders by item

      =if(isnull(Aggr(Sum({$<[Purchaseorder Positions.Status] ={0}>} [Purchaseorder Positions.Quantity]), ItemNo)),'0',Aggr(Sum({$<[Purchaseorder Positions.Status] ={0}>} [Purchaseorder Positions.Quantity]), ItemNo))


      Last Date of Intake by item

      =date(Aggr(max([Intake Positions.Date.autoCalendar.Date]),ItemNo), 'DD.MM.YY')


      All Dimensons are working well.

      My Problem is that intention was that i thoutght tha i could combine  each dimension with filtering.

      But all filter would be allocated to the Dimension ItemNo


      Is there any solution to solve such a problem at the Qlik Sense Frontend?


      I hope anyone understand my issue.


      Thank you.