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    How do I show the count for a varaible value within Text in Chart?

      Hey all, first post here! I looked around in the search a bit and couldn't find a similar problem so I thought I'd ask here.


      Currently I have a chart with CreateDate (a date field) on the X-axis and Count(AssetID) on the Y-axis. I want to add a text box that displays the Count(AssetID) value for the most recent date on the chart. If I use something like '=count( {$<CreateDate = {"2011-06-01"}>} AssetId)' it returns the correct number. However if I try something like '=count( {$<CreateDate = {$(#MaxDate)}>} AssetId)' where the MaxDate is a varaible that equals MaxString(CreateDate) it returns 0. What am I doing wrong to try and get this to work for a dynamic value?