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    if all selection in filter pane

    Livio Sebastiano Colombo

      Hi everyone,

      I have a problem. I want to create a measure that show me a text 'WW' when i selected all value from a filter pane and concatenate ' | ' and another dimension like this:


           TEST | TEST1


      my function is:


      =if([MGMT_REPORT.Region]='APAC' AND [MGMT_REPORT.Region]='EMEA' AND [MGMT_REPORT.Region]='NAFTA' AND [MGMT_REPORT.Region]='LATAM','WW',[MGMT_REPORT.Region]) & ' | ' & [MGMT_REPORT.Month]


      but it doesn't working.


      If i selected ALL value for Region and Dec for Month, so i want --> WW | Dec, instead of if i selected APAC as region, i want APAC | Dec


      Please help me,