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    upgrade from 16.4 to 16.6 and lost ON-Demand functionality

    M D

      Hi Everyone


      We recently upgraded NPrinting version from 16.4 to 16.6 and lost on-demand functionality. We had NPrinting functional just prior to upgrade but lost it right after. Every time end user tries running on-demand it gives below error. Schedule jobs runs fine.


      Nprinting on demand service error. Please check if NPrinting service is reachable upgrade


      What we have checked so far:

      1) port 9000/9001/443 is reachable from end user to Nprinting server.

      2) NPrinting report generation works from within NPrinting server. We can produce report.

      3) Extensions were properly installed.

      4) Certificates are properly binded. We made sure thumbprint matches.




      Few Questions:


      1) Does the 16.6 installed during upgrade overwrites your ODS.config file or any other settings, which you may have to reset?

      2) Has anyone encountered anything similar?