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    Section Access and Login




      I created section access which has




      The section access we use is similar to all the dashboards ,

      we have a site to access all the dashboards


      Now when i open the webpage it asks for user/password for login

      after i log in i see all the dashboards that published

      now when i click on a particular dashboard it again asks for user/password . I dont want the second login , What should i do to avoid the second login


      thankyou guys

        • Section Access and Login
          Erich Shiino

          The first login is at the Windows server (maybe AD).

          The second one, will check the userid and password.


          You can try section accesss with only access and ntname.(Please, make a backup before trying).

          Or you can use section acess as you did, but create some lines with userID and password as blanks if you don't want the users to get a second login


          (don't forget the backups )