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    Percentage Change

      I'd like to know my cost change from receipt to receipt (there may be months with no receipts) and the cost change of the last receipts with the selcted period vs the first receipt within the selected period. The attached QVW contains an excerpt of the receiving data, In this case,  Purchase Receipts, but the same principle will apply to manufacturing receipts. I'm showing cost, % change before (this is an issue when there is no receipt in the prior month) and % from the first month selected (this is an issue when there is no receipt in the first selected date).


      The data contains Purchase order receipts both quantity and value. Cost is calculated.


      I am starting to beleive I will need to create "dummy receipts" to fill in the periods with cost data. That way I'll always have the first and prior within any selected period, excepts of course for a new item or one that hasn't been purchase within the archive time limit.


      I would appreciate a design hint if anyone has had to deal with this in the past. Lots and lots of inventory transactions. Only 25% are receipts 75% issues and other.