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    QV 11.2 NPrinting 16.0 PDF error message

    Steve Lord

      Edit: Disregard, I looked at the previous year task and it was set as jpeg not pdf.  I'll leave this here in case anyone else has a facepalm moment.

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      Error Error: QlikView NPrinting PDF Printer not installed or not properly registered 3/7/2018 01:54:24 PM

      Hi All, I got the above message but I've had QV and NP up and running fine for about 18 months and printed pdfs without issues in the past.  Is there a particular service I should be looking for that might be disabled?  Or maybe go see if a network admin uninstalled a pdf application he didn't think we needed?  I know nprinting doesn't need excel in its environment to output excel files, so confident it's some obscure service I need to find and start.  I did confirm the spooler service is running.


      It's a QV entity report I want to output as pdf, so should be as simple a job as there is.


      Thanks in advance for input.  I'll look around to see if I missed a checkbox or something somewhere too.