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    Button to select dimension based on value of multiple expressions

    Ellen Blackwell



      I am displaying a straight table with a single dimension (Producer) and various expressions (including, Meetings, Interest, and Opportunity). I would like to do two things:


      1. Set the background color, for the entire row, when Meetings=0 and Interest>0
      2. Create a button that, when clicked, displays only the Producers with Meetings=0 and Interest>0



      For simplicity's sake, I have uploaded an image displaying only the relavent expressions:



        =count(distinct if([Meeting Type]='In-Person' and [Activity Type]='Meeting' and [Activity Cancelled]<>'Y',(Activity_ID)))






        =if(Column(12)>0 and Column(11)=0, 'Opportunity', '')


      Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

      Thank you,