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    QlikSense Execute Batch Job

    Beng See Tan

      Dear All,


      I write below statement to call the batch job in qliksense server.  I have activated the legacy mode in the server.

      When I run the job, the system run finished without error but it does not perform any copy file in the batch script.


      Could anyone please assist me.


      //Test 1

      LET vBatchJobPath = 'lib://BatchJob';

      Execute cmd /C $(vBatchJobPath)/copyfile.bat;

      //Test 2

      LET vCopyStoreImageBatch = 'D:\QLIK\ManagementDashboard\05_BatchJob\copyfile.bat';

      Execute cmd /C $(vCopyStoreImageBatch);


      Content of copyfile.bat:-

      //**Copy image file from other server path share to local server C: drive

      Copy "z:\Image Folder\"*.JPG /Y "C:\Qlik Share\StaticContent\Content\StoreImage"


      Thanks & Regards.