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    counting similar fields in different tables

    Cengiz Eralp

      Hi experts,

      I have a problem about calculation of a ratio for service units.

      I have two tables, one for assembly of the products ("Izlenebilirlik") and one for service calls of these products ("Servis_Fişleri"). This two table is connected with product serial number as you can see from the picture below.

      "ServisAdı_" and "Mon_Servisadı" comes from the same table and so has the same service company name dimension.


      The trouble is that one product can be assembled and repaired (if there is) by different service companies. And I would like to find a process ratio for every service company without restriction of the relation.

      Nominater = How many repair were done by service compnay A : Count(ServisAdı_) 

      Denominater= How many assembly were done by service compnay A :Count(Mon_Servisadı)


      Can anyone help on this?

      Thanks in advance.