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    User CAL not released after given time in QVp SR6

      Dear All,


      On accessing the Qlikview application, a user CAL has been created in the server, after some time we tried to delete the CAL.


      It went to Quarutine and the message was the CAL will be cleared after the given time (24 hours).


      We waited for more than the given time, but still the CAL is not deleted from the server.


      We tried restarting the Qlikview server, Clicked on Apply button in QMS.


      When checking in the QMS, it is not showing "Delete" (X) symbol, instead it is showing "Restore" symbol.


      How the Quaruntined user CAL will be released automatically from the server after given time.

      Can we restore and delete the CAL manually.


      Please advice.

        • User CAL not released after given time in QVp SR6
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Try restarting the services in Windows button, Run, services.msc all that start with QlikView. Make sure that in the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, System, Licenses, QlikView Server (click on yours) and on the right side, Client Access Licenses (CALs), Assigned CALs, there are actually 24 hours or longer difference between the columns Last Used (UTC) and Quarantined Until (UTC).


          Note that times are UTC, meaning that for example in my case, I have to add 2 hours to the time shown in the Console.


          If either the difference is 24 hours or longer, or the Last Used is older than 24 hours ago, you should be able to remove the assignment directly.


          Hope that helps.


          Miguel Angel Baeyens

          BI Consultant

          Comex Grupo Ibérica