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    How to remove zero values from YoY line chart

    Clauria Yang



      I have a line chart with YoY comparisons like this. Dimensions is month name. Measures are current fiscal year performance and last fiscal year performance.

      Current Year:

      if(GetSelectedCount(MonthYear)=1, sum({$<MonthYear=,FiscalYear=,FiscalYear={"$(=Max(FiscalYear))"},Date={"=$(=max(Date))"}>}Orders))

      Last Year:

      if(GetSelectedCount(MonthYear)=1, sum({$<MonthYear=,FiscalYear=,FiscalYear={"$(=Max(FiscalYear)-2)"}>}Orders))




      I want to have the red line stops at Feb instead of showing the performance drops to zero since I don't have any data after Feb in 2018. I have tried unchecking "Include zero values" under data handling and unchecking "Include null values" under dimensions. Neither of them worked.


      Can anyone help?


      Thank you