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    Generating List Of Data Connections For Each App

    Sean Drummond

      Hi guys


      I'm looking to put together a java script extension (or any method) whereby I can generate a list of all data connections used by an app on Qlik Sense.


      I've only been looking at the use of API's briefly but from what I understand, the only way to generate such a list is to

      1. go through each and every app on a server

      2. pull the script value

      3. parse the script result where it uses 'LIB CONNECT TO' (I'm only interested in OLEDB and ODBC)


      I have a sample script that will iterate through every app on a server. I'm thinking that I will need to use the GetScript method when iterating through each app and store the result (qScript) into an array. I'll need to parse out the piece of the script that uses the LIB CONNECT string.


      I will also need a list of all connections on the server to join up to. I was going to use the GetConnections method to achieve this. Similar to the above, I'll parse the results and pull the values I want (type, connection string).


      Can anyone give me some pointers if I'm

      a) on the right track or if there's an easier way of doing this

      b) how to use the data retrieved in the javascript - can I export to a delimited file or even a QVD or should I just look to map the data within the javascript code?


      Any help is appreciated.