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    User Directory Connectors with anonymous authentication.

    Mahesh Tendulkar

      We have a requirement where all users (i.e. anonymous authentication will be in place) will have access to all the Qlik sense reports.


      However, on accessing the reports we need to have section access / row level security in place.


      We are planning to use User Directory Connectors (UDC) for achieving the above.

      All ours users will be currently maintained in excel which will be synced with the Users table in a database at the source system end every EOD.


      The excel file will have the 2 columns :


      UserID   Region

      ABC      New Jersey

      PQR      Florida

      XYZ      All



      Therefore UserID ABC will get to see the data only for the New Jersey region

      UserID PQR will get to see the data only for the Florida region

      UserID XYZ will get to see the data only for all the regions.


      Is this possible using UDC as mentioned above?

      If yes, any tutorials / pointers will be really helpful.