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    Multiple Custom Themes

    Denis Lomakin

      Hello Community,

      I just started to try using Custom Themes features on Feb 2018 what I was waiting long tome for.

      I do not have knowledge in java scripting so I just followed the instruction on qlik help.

      So I created .qetx and .json files and all worked fine.

      Now my question is is it possible to create more than one Custom theme and how to do that?

      I tried to create .json files with different names but it is only works when the name is theme.

      Please let me know.

        • Re: Multiple Custom Themes
          Mark Ritter

          I also just started playing around with this.  My understanding is that you can have many themes.  Each theme would be in its own folder (same location where you put the first one).  Then you would zip that folder up and add as a new extension. 

          Then they all should show up in the list of themes in your settings for the app.


          You could just try this with the one you have already created.  Copy the folder and give it a new name.  After you load it you should see both of them in the list even though they would have the same affect.