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    Nprinting Limit resources usage ?

    Gustavo Lacoste

      Dear community,

      I have a problem with the usage of resources (memory and cpu) from nprinting server, in my case i use nprinting server in the same machine of qlikview server(I know it's not ideal, but this problem would happen anyway if they were different machines). So, when nprinting is running in sometime use 4 qlikview desktop process for extract the data and this use toomuch memory and cpu.

      Exist a config file in NPrinting like to qlikview server for cpu usage limit and memory?

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          Ruggero Piccoli



          Installing Qlik NPrinting Server in the same computer of QlikView Server is not supported. You must install them into two different computers.

          Qlik NPrinting Server uses all the hardware resources of the computer where it is installed.


          QlikView Desktop processes are opened by Qlik NPrinting Engines. So I suppose you installed the Engine on the same computer as the server and this is supported. Qlik NPrinting Engine opens at least one QlikView Desktop process (Qv.exe in the task manager) for each QlikView document used to create reports. Qlik NPrinting Engine is multitask so it could open many Qv.exe processes to open the same document multiple time to maximise performances. After finishing report creation a Qv.exe process for each document could remain opened to have a faster report generation when the Qlik NPrinting Server ask for new reports from the opened document.



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