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    Data model with canonical date

    Caroline Huet



      I have some issues to find an appropriate data model and I would like to have some advise if it is possible.


      I would like to compare two files with multiple references of products, a new and an old one.


      So I have the following table :


      IDNew StationNew beginning dateNew VersionNew finished dateOld StationOld beginning dateOld VersionOld finished date


      The issue is that I have to draw a graph with dates so I created a canonical table

      IDNew StationOld StationBeginning datedata type
      Old or New


      But then I need the same thing with the finished date. I would need a canonical table with the beginning date and the finished date but I don't know how to do that without having two different table...


      I don't think my data model is the best one and I would like to have some advise because my loading is quite long right now with the canonical table.


      Thanks for your time


      Best regards,