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    Section Access using Group names.

    Jinhai Liu


      I am trying to implement Section Access in a QVW and having trouble using group names.

      It works fine when I specify individual usernames in the NTNAME field, but not when I specify a domain\group name.

      (I'm using DMS Authorization.)


      Here is my SA table.


      Those names in blue circle are account names and they are working fine.

      The name in red circle is a DMS domain group name. Accounts in Custom\User group can see the qvw document after they logon to the AccessPoint, but once they click on the document, a message box pop up and says they don't have the right to access the file.

      (Thoese names are added by search function, thus there is no typing errors.)


      Does anyone have any idea on this?




        • Section Access using Group names.

          As a test, can you take a user from CUSTOM\USER group and add their NTNAME directly ?  Do they still get the access denied error ?  If so, the rights issue is probably outside of QV.


          A similar test might be to take someone who has access now and move them into a group that is getting denied.

            • Section Access using Group names.
              Jinhai Liu

              Hi todwith1d,


              Firstly, thanks for your reply.


              I've tried both of your tests.

              1. Yes, once I add an account in USER group directly into the the Section Access table, this account is able to access the document without any problems.

              2. No, if I remove an account, say CUSTOM\ADMIN, from the SA table, this account cannot access the document any more.


              Is there a special setting for using group names in NTNAME column?


              Thanks again,


            • Re: Section Access using Group names.



              did you load the section access table into the document to see what it returns ?


              if your Section Access Table is named "test"  the URL would look like this.




              From the script

              Data From Files >> [Web Files]

              tick "internet file" and paste in your URL


              LOAD [ACCESS],




              (html, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, table is test);



              Sorry I don't have much more, I'm working through this too

                • Section Access using Group names.
                  Jinhai Liu

                  Thanks a lot for replying todwith1d,


                  Yes, i've loaded it into my document. if it's username in that field it works.

                  And if I use NTFS authorization, group names work fine.

                  It's just DSM type of authoriztion won't work for me.


                  I might ask their support once i got the license.


                  Thank you again