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    Qlik sense bar chart

    K Kv

      I have bar chart. My dimension is Year. Measures

      =Sum({$<Year=,Date = {">=$(=YearStart(Max(date)))<=$(=MonthEnd(Max(date)))"}>} FactSoldAmount) --- for the year 2018
      =Sum({$<Year=,Date = {">=$(=YearStart(AddYears(Max(date), -1)))<=$(=MonthEnd(AddYears(Max(date), -1)))"}, BranchID = p({<Year = {"$(=Max(Year))"}>})>} FactSoldAmount) --- for the year 2017
      =Sum({$<Year=,Date = {">=$(=YearStart(AddYears(Max(date), -2)))<=$(=MonthEnd(AddYears(Max(date), -2)))"}, BranchID = p({<Year = {"$(=Max(Year))"}>})>}FactSoldAmount) ----for the year 2016

      When I select year, these formulas show me only the selected years and previous years. And I want to show all of the years. For example: If I select 2017, in the bar chart I should the comparison of the years 2016, 2017, and 2018. Now, when I select 2017 it shows me only the year 2016 and 2017.

      Is it possible?