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    Blurry map in Google map example



      I downloaded and used the Google map example shared. Really nice and simple soloution. The example had two maps "attached", one stand alone to put behind the graph and one integrated in the graph. To support older QV versions not having dynamic image functionality I guess.


      The problem I have is that when using the internal image in the graph (via dynamic image), the map is blurry. I guess this is due to streching the image to fit inside the graph. But even when I set the size of the graph to fit the map image provided by Google, the picture gets blurry (see attached file where the two are compared).


      Anyone that knows about this problem and can tell me how to make the image more sharp when using dynamic image?


      Br Patrik

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          I had the same problem.

          You have the "def_map_size" property set in the script. If you have "def_map_size=400", you have to set the width and height of the chart object (map) in Chart Properties -> Caption Tab to 400. In this tab, also uncheck the "Show Caption" checkbox.

          Also, in the Chart Properties -> Colors Tab, uncheck the "Plot Area Only" checkbox.