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    FEI-ShowHide extension "There is no data to export" Error

    nivedita2590 nivedita2590

      Hi Team,

        We are using Show/Hide extension in one of our visualization. GitHub link of extension is same is: https://github.com/fadyheiba/ShowHide/tree/master/FEI-ShowHide. We are facing issue when trying to export data.


      How Extension Works:

      In this extension we are using master items Product Sales Table( Fields: Product,CY Sales,LY Sales) and Customer Sales Table( Fields: Customer,CY Sales,LY Sales). Initially only Product Sales table is shown. On selection of any product ,Customer Sales table with corresponding entries is shown and Product Sales table is set as hidden. Condition applied for this is : =If(GetSelectedCount([Line Desc 1]),1,0)



      When we try to export data it gives error as "There is no data to export. Please make sure the data in your visualization is correct".

      Please guide me as to how I can make export functionality work for this extension.