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    Add mapped column to already loaded table

    Ryan Morgan



      Hoping for some help with adding a column to an already loaded table.  I have to load the table initially to obtain the values for a subroutine to run.  When the subroutine returns it gives me an additional field to add back to the dataset.





      load *;

      sql select




      from dbo.table


      Sub mySub (searchColumn, OriginalTable)

      \\some processes here that succesfully obtain back a new column of data







      mapping load searchColumn,


      resident ResultTable:


      //This part is the area where I'm struggling.  I'm trying to get the newColumn from ResultTable onto OriginalTable as an additional field.

      Load *, applymap('MappingTable', 'searchColumn', 'Not available') As newColumn resident OriginalTable;



      end sub


      I was able to get the end result by simply making a new table which is a combination of OriginalTable and ResultTable (via join) but I'm hoping there is a more efficient method than making an entirely new table and dropping the original.



      Thanks for any help you can provide! 

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          vamsee duggirala

          Your mapping table looks right.

          Can you please post the error message you get.


          Also, no quotes for the key


          Applymap('MappingTable', SearchColumn, 'Not Available') as NewColumn

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              Ryan Morgan

              Thanks for the quick reply!


              I'm not receiving an error message but I get a strange result after I run it:


              If I drop the ResultTable after applying the map then my OriginalTable values are unaffected.


              If I DON'T drop the ResultTable after applying the map then I get a synthetic key generated tying my ResultTable to my OriginalTable, and my OriginalTable's data ends up empty.


              The end result should be:
              searchColumn, otherColumn, otherColumn1, newColumn,




              Demo Code:



              Load * Inline [

              NT; Token

              ICMS; '5NNNN'

              ICNS; '5NNNM'

              ](delimiter is ';');


              sub LoadCredentials( vSourceTable, vSourceToken)



              Load Distinct

              $(vSourceToken) As DistinctToken

              resident $(vSourceTable);


              Let vRunCount = fieldvaluecount('DistinctToken');

              Let i = 0;


              for  i to vRunCount step 1

              Let vCurToken = Peek('DistinctToken', $(i), 'TempTokenTable');


              //api call that generates a result set with Token value to Credential value... below code is just to rebuild the

              //output since I can't place the api call and restructure here.


              next i;



              mapping Load * Inline [

              Token; Credential

              '5NNNN'; 'Cred1'

              '5NNNM'; 'Cred2'

              ](delimiter is ';');


              Load *, ApplyMap('ResultTable', $(vSourceToken) , 'Not Available') As [Credential] resident OriginalTable;


              Drop Table ResultTable;


              End Sub


              call LoadCredentials('OriginalTable', 'Token');





              Thanks again for taking a look at this with me.