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    Registration Issues

    Natalya Khorosheva

      Dear Qlik team


      In our company we trying to convince our management to purchase official version of Qlik Sense. As we are using other system but it's far from Qlik convenience therefore it's not commonly used by people. So management still depends on analysts and power point reports.

      We have created the apps in the free version and wanted to share them with our management team in free mode.

      So they could start to use the apps and understood the convenience of the data transparency and they could make sure that data analysis is easy and they don't need to wait for report or for analyst to update the data or to play with it.


      But here we have faced registration problem. They have sent registration forms in qlik but none of them received any reply.

      I wrote to some tech service that is available from main page using form to report issues but still no reply.

      Can we apply to someone to help us to resolve that issue?


      Thanks for your support.