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    IF with multiple variables

    Savita Khyadi

      Hi All,

      I have a below scenario where I am using multiple variables , am getting error like "expression is not correct"


      Below are variables logic.


      vBridge=[Actuals/planning scenario Code]={'B'}

      vDisplayPrevisousTime=prior_period_date-----------This is direct column

      vDisplayTime=current_period_date-----------This is direct column

      vDimensionalityForInternalTransfer=IF(GetSelectedCount([Business Lvl 3 (Org Chart) Desc])=0,2,1)



      Main expression



      (Sum({$<$(vBridge), [Month End Indicator] = {'Y'} , [Report Date]={">=$(=MonthEnd(AddMonths($(vDisplayPrevisousTime),1))) <=$(=MonthEnd($(vDisplayTime)))"}>}[Bridge External New Hire Labor Cost]))

      Please somebody have a look and let me know where exactly the error is, is this in logic or something I need to redesign.

      Thanks & Reagrds