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    Trying to import an app and receive "The REST API call timed out between services."

    Randy Holder

      I have successfully installed Qlik Sense with no errors. When I go into the QMC, I notice that no apps have been loaded (normally License Monitor and Operations Monitor are loaded by default). If I use the import button and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultApps and select License Monitor.qvf to import, I receive the following mesasge: The REST API call timed out between services. When I look in the Server1_service_respository.txt log file, I see the following error:


      47 20180312T111121.423-0500 ERROR Server1 0b9b5bbe-f60a-4711-a3b8-7904a0fe196f Command=Import app;Result=500;ResultText=Error: 40aeab3b-2c90-4edf-ad21-ed34b408a22f 6a3685ed-df3e-4276-8018-0e888ea0b57f 0 CALERO randy.holder 9d92c908-d121-4c46-908a-8acdad05fe94 License Monitor Repository ManagementAccess /qrs/app/upload Import app 500 @The REST API call timed out between services. (HTTP code: 500) 0b9b5bbe-f60a-4711-a3b8-7904a0fe196f


      Looking in Server1_service_engine.txt log file, I see the following error:

      7 20180312T111513.426-0500 ERROR Server1 547d905c-135e-42e4-995a-9181ffb82431 20180312T111513.426-0500 Command=Import app;Result=9001;ResultText=Error: Read Failed 0 0 17 INTERNAL sa_repository 678e42b7-91bb-4522-acd0-b8542c73b283 Not available Engine Global::ImportAppEx Import app 9001 REST client response error 547d905c-135e-42e4-995a-9181ffb82431


      I have been unable to determine what would cause this "Read Failed" error.