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    D3 and Qlik Component

    Hoang Vo

      I have a custom component that  takes in 3 measure and a dimension 1. line chart 2. bar chart 3. area chart I am using D3's v4 minified js file. I am still learning and understanding d3 and have a simple grasp of it. But I am stuck on if this is possible or not:

      2018-03-12 17_08_04-Widget editor _ Dev Hub.png


      The above chart uses the scaleBand for the barchart/ x - axis.

      Which lines up perfectly.

      The issue I am having is the above, I have to change the scale to scalePoint, add a padding to line up the point to match the bar-chart.

      Is there a way to color or extend the are chart's color so that  it starts  0,52 (x,y) - basically where the padding is before the first point, as if it was never padded?