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    Python to Qlik sense server connection refused after some requests through websocket.

    Bhargav Patel

      I'm currently working on python to Qlik server connection using JWT authentication method. It works fine for some 3 or 4 requests and then it shows error. I don't know what is wrong with it.


      Also, I heard that try to use certificate authentication. but I don't know how to use it with WebSocket. (please provide demo code if possible)


      please note that I cannot use a cookie to hold the session with Qlik server because my application is itself Django server and it cannot store a cookie.

      below is my python code for authentication.

      def __init__(self, senseHost, proxyPrefix, userDirectory, userId, privateKeyPath, ignoreCertErrors=False):
          self.url = "wss://" + senseHost + "/" + proxyPrefix + "/app/"
          privateKey = open(privateKeyPath).read()
          sslOpts = {}
          if ignoreCertErrors:
                sslOpts = {"cert_reqs": ssl.CERT_NONE}
          token = jwt.encode({'UserID': userId, 'UserDirectory': userDirectory}, privateKey, algorithm='RS256')
          self.ws = create_connection(self.url, sslopt=sslOpts, header=['Authorization: BEARER ' + token.decode('utf-8')])
          self.session = self.ws.recv()


      Any help!



      Bhargav Patel