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    How to Calculate New Hire vs Terminated Employees

    Shahzad Ahsan

      Hi Everyone

      I need something like this in qlik sense.



      I have managed to do something near to it but not the exact result


      New hire is coming correct but Terminated employees are not right.


      Problem: I have Hire Date and Terminated Date. So how can I use the dimension.

      If I use Hire Date as dimension. then Hired Employee result comes correct. If I use Terminated Date as dimension then Terminated employee result comes correct.  How to show both at the same time??


      Measure 1 :  Count({<[Employee Status]={'Current Employees'},[Hire Year]={"$(=(Max([Hire Year])))"}>} [Employee Number])


      Measure 2 :  Count({<[Employee Status]={'Terminated Employees'},[Contract End Year]={"$(=(Max([Hire Year])))"}>} [Employee Number])*-1



      Thank You