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    Upgrading from Personal Edition

    Gerhard Laubscher



      I've been using QV Personal Edition for about a month to do reports for work. Everyone is very impressed with it and we are now considering utilizing it in the following way:


      To have me as developer of the qlikview apps, with end-users using a web access point to peruse the applications.


      We've asked our parent company (who uses qlikview) for a quote but I feel they are over-complicating it with support and licensing we do not need to such a large extent. I would like to know what the best and easiest way would be to achieve the above.


      Currently I use data from extracts generated by our system. This might change, but I have (to be honest) no idea how QlikView Servers and all the QV products work and what exactly it is that I need.


      Like I said, all we need is a web access point, and one 'developer' license. I know I'm being lazy asking this on here, but I would very much appreciate some guidance as to what we should get so we don't over-spend, but so we have the functionality we need.