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    Issue with multiple number formats in a pivot table

    Sarah Rose

      I have an unusual issue with number formatting in a pivot table I have created.  Basically I need to be able to show some measures as percentages and some as whole numbers.  To do this I have specified the number formats in the expression as follows:


      =if(match([Measure ID],11,226,227,228) num(sum(Measures.Numerator),'#,##0'),

      num(Measures.Numerator/Measures.Denominator, '#.#0%'))


      Where this doesn't work is if the whole number is a 1 then this displays as 100.00% and conversely if the percentage is 0 then I want it to show as 0.00% but it's showing as 0


      Number Formats.JPG

      Has anyone got a workaround for this?