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    Convert expressions from QlikSense to QlikView

    Sofia Vaz

      Hi all,


      I've been using this expression in a QLikSense app:


      =Sum({<OrdItemHoldCd={'MRTALL','MCTALL'}, OrdItemMillAlloc *={'ATF','FIG','SET'}, OrdItemProdCd={"*"}-{'SHT'},OrdMasterOrdType={'CUST','STOCK-WHSE'},OrdItemOrdStat={'HOLD'}>}if(OrdItemDelDate<>OrdMasterOrdDate, OrdItemOrdKgs))/1000


      I need to use it in a QlikView dashboard, but it's not working well... does anyone know if there's something i can't use in QlikView that i'm using in Sense?


      Thank you!