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    Limit length of data export

    Marco Hamacher

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to limit the length of a data export induced by the exportData() API call.


      I have a Mashup where the underlying dataset can be downloaded via a button on the website.

      To achieve this I create a table object via a .visualization.create() call and then I download the data behind this table via the exportData() function.

      However I want to limit the length of the download. E.g. If the table actually has 10000 rows I only want to provide the first 500 for download.

      As of now I create the whole download with all rows included and then throw away the rows that I don't want to show. This is a messy workaround I would like to avoid and also hurts the performance as the preparation of large datasets takes quite some time.


      So I would like to know if there is a possibility to limit the dataset before downloading or if it is possible to modify the exportData function to only return a certain amount of rows.


      Has anyone some experience with this?


      Thanks and kind regards,