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    Change multiple Filters by Button Action

    Markus Dreuw



      I have an issue with some of my filters, respectively usability of QLIK Sense.


      I have data indicating different shipments which have been delivered to somewhere.

      I want to build up a dashboard which can be used for import and export view. Between these I want to switch by clicking a button. For switching, the following steps need to be done manually:


      Example: Change from Import to Export view:

      1. Change Traffic Code from Import to Export

      2. Deselect Recevier Name, Select Sender Name // Sender Name = Receiver Name but stated in another column

      3. Deselect Recevier Country, Select Sender Country// Sender Country= Receiver Country but stated in another column


      Other filters, like Year, Month, etc. shall stay untouched.


      The same should also be possible vice versa.


      Using a button only gives me the option to select 2 different actions.


      Any ideas on how this could be solved?


      Thanks a lot!