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    QVWS and IIS reside on the same server

    Anton Wibowo

      Hi everyone,


      Usually you install QlikView Server (QVS) with intend to use either QlikView Web Server (QVWS) or IIS.


      Due to limited resources, I may need to install QVS -- with the intention to use QVWS as its webserver, and not leveraging IIS --, BUT on the same server (Windows 2003) that has IIS and IIS-dependent applications installed.


      Would it be unwise to do so? I'm guessing the users would still be able to get to AccessPoint (as it is still uses QVWS).

      My question is will it cause any issues with the other apps that uses IIS as you could say that there are now 2 webservers sitting on the same server?

      (All the users for the other apps will be domain users)


      What should I do if it's the case? Any suggestion will be appreaciated



      Thanks in advance,


      QVAWUser - Anton