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    Please help with my function!

    Wanyun Yang

      Hi guys,


      I have a table as shown:

      Salesrep Date  Customer  Item  Checked

        QQ         1-1         001          A          1

        QQ         1-1        001          B          0

        QQ         1-2        002          A          0

        QQ          1-3        002          B          1

      For each salesrep, I want to show the number of visit with nothing checked in this 3-day period with each customer. The result for QQ should be like:

      Customer  Count

           001          0

           002          1

      My function is like:

      SUM(IF(Aggr(SUM(Checked), Date&Customer)=0,1,0))

      But it shows nothing at all. Please help! Thanks in advance!