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    How to exclude un completed month?

    ramesh g

      Hello Developers ,

      I have a straight table, where i have to show avg of last 12 months stock values.


      Expression : =$(v_KPI_Stock_24M_Precalc)/ if (Fiscal_Year=VScript_24MStock_FYo,v_NumMonths_CurrentFY,12)


      In my project Fiscal Year Starts from October.

      If the user want to see 2017 Data, Fiscal Year starts from 2016 Oct . It's all fine.

      The Problem Is if we want 2018 data it should show from 2017 oct to 2018 Feb. But Its showing data upto March . I want to exclude Un completed month. How can i write expression.

      Please help., stalwar1, sureshqv, loveisfailnagarjuna123timanshu