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    show vbscript progress

    jason xia

      Is there a way in vbscript to show progress of the script I am executing? I wrote a macro when runs makes the qlikview report looks like it's frozen. Is there a display box or anything that will show the status of the vbscript run. Thanks

        • show vbscript progress
          John Witherspoon

          I've done this before, but it wasn't nearly good enough to use in a real application.  I believe I had the script keep updating a variable or a field with its calculated % progress, and then I had a gauge that tracked the progress.  As I recall, the problem was that while the script was executing, actual display updates were rare, so even if the script took half a minute to run and updated the variable 100 times during that half a minute, I might only see the chart update three times.  Also as I recall, I could fix that problem by forcing a wait for idle after every progress update.  But then what happened was a half a minute script turned into a five minute script.  All numbers are made up since I don't remember the exact situation, but it was something along those lines.


          So no, I don't have a solution.  I hope someone has a better idea, or maybe there's a way to get my idea to work, but I had no success.