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    Does IOS mobile app support integrated Hub?

    Lance Kartchner

      We have a new implementation of Qlik Sense but have been Qlikview clients for a long time.  We are starting to use the Qlik Sense Integrated Hub to publish Qlikview documents and make them available from the Qlik Sense Hub.  This way we can still have one location for all Qlik docs.  The integrated hub is working great as long as the user connects with a browser.  But, when the user connects with the iOS Qlik app he does not see the "Qlikview Documents" stream where all the Qlikview apps are published.  Does anyone know if the iOS app supports integrated hub?


      I suppose it might be related to versions.  I think the user apple app is November 2017 but our Qlik Sense server was recently upgraded to the Feb 2018 release.  I can upgrade the users iPad to the latest version of the app but I want to make sure integrated hub will work in the iPad app first.  Does anyone use integrated hub through the iOS app?