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    Updating a dashboard with a binary load

    Jesse Taylor



      I am working on updating a dashboard that another developer worked. When i opened the edit script screen, i noticed that the developer did a binary load from another qvw document. The original data this dashboard is reporting on has been updated with new data however the dashboard is not reflecting those changes. I did a reload on the script and the new data still did not populate. How can i get the updated data to populate?


      Thank you

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          Krishna Nagulapally

          Was the binary load file itself been updated with fresh data?

          make sure your updated binary load file is sitting in the same location(with no duplicates) from where your dashboard is pulling it in.

          Sometimes your dashboard might be pulling the file with the same name from a different location (but from same directory) but in fact you are updating the binary load file that is sitting in some other location but in the same directory.

          (Qlik Looks for directory for a file in case you are using a generic location like '../folder1/location')

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            pradosh thakur

            Do the following and let me know if you face the issue   again

            1: Reload any app(to refresh qvd if any) from which the binary load file gets the data

            2: Reload the file that is binary loaded

            3: save it.

            4: open your application

            5: reload it and hopefully your data is refreshed


            generally we don't save the document that is binary loaded .. that may cause the issue sometimes