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    Date Range in Set Analysis not working

    Tauceef Sheikh

      Hello Everyone,


      I have created 2 variables with below definition:

      Previous FY Start = Num(if(month(today())>=4,date('04/01/'&(year(today())-1),'MM/DD/YYYY'),date('04/01/'&(year(today())-2),'MM/DD/YYYY')))


      Previous FY End = Num(if(month(today())>=4,date('03/31/'&(year(today())),'MM/DD/YYYY'),date('03/31/'&(year(today())-1),'MM/DD/YYYY')))

      both the variables are returning correct values (1st Apr 2016 & 31st Mar 2017) in number format, but when I am using these variables in my Set I am not getting expected output, below is my Set expression:

      count({<DateNum={">=$(=Previous FY start)<=$(=Previous FY End)"},[Status]*={'Closed'}>}[ID])

      When I hard code the number values what I am getting from these variables then above Set expression works fine.


      Not sure where I am going wrong, please help me solving this issue.