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    Nprinting same e-mail to different user

    Liron Baram

      Hi all

      currently the user unique key according to which users a counted  in Nprinting 17 is the user e-mail .

      is there a way to use the user id instead ,

      we work in an enterprise environment where several teams are distributing reports sometime to the same users.

      currently if each team try to manage her recipient list via import task we are stuck because , only the first task runs propertly

      all ensuing tasks get an error that the a user is already exists.

      so the question is can we somehow define nprinting to manage users according to user id and not e-mail ?

      second can the import task disregard errors and import all users that don't exists already?

        • Re: Nprinting same e-mail to different user
          Chanty 4u

          did you follow this?

          Set the actions

          Do the following:

          1. Select the check boxes that specify the actions that you want to be performed by the task.
            • Create users if not present
            • Update users if modified
            • Remove users if not present in the import fileBy checking this option only users eventually added in a previous run of the same import will be removed. Other users, for example the ones manually added, will not be removed.
            • Create filters if not present
            • Update filters if modified
          2. Leave the Enabled check box selected.
          3. Click Create to confirm.