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    Getting Average at a Bubble Graph Drill Down Item (Qlik Sense)


      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem with getting average on bubble graph's reference line at Qlik Sense. I appreciate if u guys can help.


      X axis is interest ratio.


      Y axis is organization which is a drill down dimension item i created. It has 4 field levels: regions (level1), branches (level2), people (level3), customer (level4). As you think there is a hierarchy between them.


      Measure is sum(assets). Assets come from the bottom level (customers level4)


      There is no problem if i dont use reference line. Graph start with level1 and i can drill down/up on organization. It is aggregating the assets according to which organisation level i select on the graph.


      But if i add a reference line which i want it to show the average of the organisations that are being showed (not selected) on the graph. For example, it is region level and there are 4 regions on the graph. Their measures 100,200,300,400. I want to show (100+200+300+400)/4 = 250 on the reference line. If i click on a region, for example 10 branches are displayed, I want the average of these 10 on the reference line. Same for level3 and level4.


      =AVG(SUM(Assets)) // didnt work

      =AVG(AGGR(SUM(Assets))) // didnt work (i cannot add here aggr field, cuz it is changing depends on which level u selected on drill down organisation item.

      =AVG(AGGR(SUM(Assets)), GetCurrentField(organisation)) // didtn work. (I think this is the solution but Qlik Sense doesnt support GetCurrentField(GroupName) funtion)


      Please help


      Have a nice day.