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    Create one qlikViewfile  server copy and  make   other  laptop/desktop  connect to it with out  making connections or install qlikview in it

    yaacoub Emna

      I created my Qlikview file in my 2008 R2 server .

      I can connect and open  same file from other laptop/desktop but only if I set the  necessary connections and qlikview should be installed


      I want to open my file from my laptop or any others  with out  making the connections or install the qliqview !

      Is that possible or is there a qlikViewFile.Exe  to use like in  other  APPs ,or is there a way to get a least  an image about the real qlikviewfile to read only  !

      I hope it's clear ,

      Thank you for any help and attention .


      PS:  - I'm using MySQL Connector

              - A button  to show my qliqviewfile set in C# APP