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    Embed word report in email

    Gerco Gijben

      Since NPrinting november 2017 it is possible to embed HTML reports directly into email.


      In my case i have a word report. When adding the report to a publish task i set the output format of the word report to 'HTML'. However, i cant select the report to embed it directly into email. Probably because the report isnt rendered yet.


      Is there a way to embed a word report directly into email?

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          Bram Knuever

          I am pretty sure you have to have an actual HTML report not just output set to HTML to make it work.

          So please try this.


          Word files can only be attached at the moment I think.

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              Gerco Gijben

              Yes I already tried using HTML reports and that is working fine. However you are fairly limited in formatting options compared to word/excel when using  HTML.


              Thats why i would like to use a word report, but i guess i'll have to stick to attachments.

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                  Bram Knuever

                  I don't know how much experience you got with HTML. But you can do a lot with it. a lot harder than Word if you have never used it before but still a lot of possibilities.

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                    Ruggero Piccoli



                    I confirm that you can embed only native HTML reports.


                    We strongly suggest to create a template of the same format of the output you want to obtain. So, if you want an HTML report please create an HTML template. This give you a better control of the output. You can use standard HTML as documented by the W3C to format your Qlik NPrinting reports.


                    Word templates support HTML as output format but you have not control of the generated HTML code. So we suggest to export a Word template as HTML only in case you already have created a complex Word template and you want not to recreate it in HTML.


                    Try to create a simple Word document (also outside Qlik NPrinting) and save it as HTML. Then open it with a text editor and check the code to see the difference. There will be a lot of unuseful instructions. I know that editig HTML seems harder that use the Word UI, but the results will be much better.


                    Best Regards,



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