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    Date expression current month, prior month, prior quarter

    Ugur Arslan



      I have date dimension which is as following:


      ProdDate         ProdTotal    

      12/1/2017        4434

      1/1/2018          3234

      2/1/2018          4352

      3/1/2018          5433

      4/1/2018          4456


      I have 4 KPI Chart which need to update automatically with the new number, at this moment I use the following expressions which I need to update manually every month.


      How can I automate this that it updates every month with the new data? (add months)


      Current Month ProdTotal    Sum({<[ProdDate]={'3/1/2018'}>}[ProdTotal])

      Prior Month ProdTotal        Sum({<[ProdDate]={'2/1/2018'}>}[ProdTotal])

      Prior Quarter ProdTotal      Sum({<[ProdDate]={'11/1/2018'}>}[ProdTotal])

      Prior Year ProdTotal           Sum({<[ProdDate]={'3/1/2017'}>}[ProdTotal])