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    Qlik Sense load excel file set the variable of the worksheet name

    kong ch

      hi all,


      the following code is looping excel files in a folder and sub folder,

      however, it is difficult to set the variable of the worksheet name.

      (for each vSheet in 'a','b,'c*','d','e','f'.....) because the worksheet name is dynamic



      other than legacy mode, and odbc connect (not work in the qliksense) <<< I try several days

      any idea of this, thank you.





      sub DoDir (Root)

      For Each Ext in 'xls'

      For Each File in filelist (Root&'\*.' &Ext)


      for each vSheet in 'a','b,'c*','d','e','f'.....







      FROM $(File)(biff, embedded labels, header is 3 lines,table is $([vSheet]$)));


      next vSheet



      Next File

      Next Ext


      For Each Dir in dirlist (xxxx)

      Call DoDir (Dir)

      Next Dir

      End Sub

      Call DoDir (xxxxx)