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    Table not refreshing data

    Arvind Verma


      I have 3 tables on a worksheet.

      The first table is for Week - This is dependent on user selection of week.

      The 2nd and 3rd table are showing details of Month to Date and Year to Date (Date of Week selected)


      I am using the formula as below for month - for year I use inyeartodate


      SCSDAT - is the date field

      CurYearWeekEnd is the selected value from the filter - this is a field in the table and is equivalent to weekend(SCSDAT)

      SCPAX is the field I want sum of.


      The weekly table gets refreshed on change of the week selection


      However the 2 other tables which are for month and year don't refresh with the new selection. However if I open and edit the table and change the formula (rather re-save) then the table gets refreshed and correct values are displayed


      Anyway for refreshing the other 2 tables automatically? Is there a refresh command?


      Any work around would be appreciated.