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    Leasing License from server in seperate domain

      Hi All,


      can someone help, give me a point in the right direction.


      I have an install of QV server 10 (small business I think).  I would like to be able to develop on my Personal edition using a leased named license from that server.


      Problem is ther server is in a different domain to my PC (no trust relationship).  I can rdp to the server and have a local log on to it so I can mange the server.


      How can I lease a license to my PC?


      Options are NT authority (assume this passes through my local machine logon details)

      Anon don't want to allow

      Alternate - when I select with the user ID and password that I use to rdp (also works as web page) I get a message saying "Connected ok, Security settings deny access"


      Thanks in advance