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    How to make a selective SUM for a chart

    Alejandro Caro

      Hello everyone!


      I´ll be probably making a very basic and silly question, but Im new


      I have a table similar to this:


      Captura de pantalla 2018-03-15 a la(s) 14.24.43.png


      I want to make a pie chart to show how much dollars are per broker in a specific month.


      In dimension I set the broker


      In measure, if I use sum(value) it sums all the values, giving me always the following:


      Broker A: 62

      Broker B: 51


      My expected result would be that if I create a chart for month 1 get the following values in the chart:


      Broker A: 30

      Broker B: 30


      How do I make some kind of conditional SUM? (sum only when month equals 1) or there is another way?




      PS: Im using qlik sense cloud